We belong to a handful Polish law firms experienced in drafting and negotiating documentation for both regulated market and over-the-counter derivative transactions.

We are experts in Polish domestic market (our managing partner, Jacek Jonak is one of the authors of the standard documentation of the Polish Bank Association – ZBP), as well as international, based on ISDA standard. We are also fluent in domestic (ZBP) and international (ISMA / TBMA) documentation for repo and reverse-repo transactions, as well as on national and foreign standards for lending securities (including GMSLA).

We assisted some Polish firms in restructuring their indebtedness under FX derivative contracts. We drafted and negotiated framework agreements and confirmations for more sophisticated transactions. We analyzed margining and netting issues and possibilities of securities lending on both public and over-the-counter markets. We have advised many banks and enterprises, Polish and foreign, on deals and have drafted standard documentation for instruments and notes based on credit, indexes, interest rates, FX rates or equities. Our managing partner, Jacek Jonak acted as an arbitrator in litigation on derivative transactions between Polish banks and businesses.

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